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Shanghai ERA Acrobatic Show

Acrobatic Shows in Shanghai are known as the best in China. Among the various acrobatic shows in Shanghai, the ERA Acrobatic Shows shall be the best with a high reputation from the audience home and aboard. The ERA Acrobatic Show with a theme of Intersection of Time is performed daily in the Shanghai Circus World, the downtown of Shanghai.


With thousands of millions dollars investment, an international team crew directed by Erick Villeneuve has created a world-class acrobatic show. The ERA Show brings unprecedented audiovisual experience using the audio, light, water curtain and such multimedia equipment. The show also combines music, dance, music, and acrobatics with traditional folks to perform the dreamlike stage. The show would be a stage that transcends time and space, rising a new era of the performance in China.


The highlights of the show and its stage settlement include mirror mirage, high water curtain, jar juggling and the space motorcycles. The artists dress the traditional costumes and use several certain stage property which is symbol of the Chinese ancient civilization. And the music composed by Michel Cusson both use Chinese traditional and western instruments to perform the live, offering the audience extra enjoyment.


The ERA Acrobatic Show starts at 19:30 daily and last nearly 90 minutes. There are 5 different classes of the tickets based on the seat area. Either adult or child shall pay the full to watch the show without any discount. In peak travel time from July to August, the show tickets are sometimes unavailable if booking late.


Shanghai ERA Acrobatic Show is a multimedia odyssey which perfectly shows the magical acrobatic arts in China. With the theme “Intersection of Time", the magical show tells a fascinating story via modern high technology among the past, the present and the future.

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